• Family Dedication

    Family Dedication is a major milestone in Pathway's "Life at Home" initiative—a call to live a 24/7 faith that begins at home. Family dedication is a time for parents, family, and friends to come together and celebrate the little ones God has entrusted to our care. It also represents a commitment by both the parents and the church to lead these children toward Christ. This public expression is so vital because it provides each family with a deeper connection to our church family—a system of support and accountability to help us through the challenges of life. (And let's face it—parenting is hard!)

     PATHWAY COMMUNITY CHURCH QUESTIONS:Contact daustin@pccfw.org


    We are so encouraged when parents choose to be intentional in how they raise their kids, and we are excited to walk along side of you on this journey. If you have any questions, please contact Daphne at daustin@pccfw.org, or call 469-4444.
    Please Note: When signing up for Family Dedication you will be asked to login or create a My Pathway account if you haven't already. This is a simple and easy step that helps us better communicate and connect you to ministries at Pathway.