• Financial Assistance

    At Pathway, we recognize that individuals can face unique and unforeseen circumstances that impact their financial position. PCC may have financial assistance available to regular Pathway attendees who, through the application process, are determined to be in a unique financial situation that doesn't appear to be long term and where the applicant has exhausted all other potential financial assistance and resources. Upon receiving the completed Hardship Assistance Packet, our Benevolence team will review the packet, discuss and assess the appropriate needs of the applicant and develop a creative response that PCC feels is in the best interest of the individual.
    Unfortunately, major crisis can strike and in these moments we take into account the immediate needs that can arise to which the Benevolence process is not always appropriate. For individuals within Pathway, when faced with a circumstances affected by major crisis, we will attempt to do what we can to support individuals in the most intentional way.
    To fill out the application for assistance, click here.

    Home and Car Repair Ministries
Pathway recognizes that in financial hardship, assistance with home repairs and car repairs can come as a major source of support. This ministry primarily exists to support single women, the elderly, and PCC attendees in financial distress. Upon application for a repair request, the individual will receive either a home visit to assess the most urgent home repairs needed, or fair and reliable automobile repair quote that reflects the most urgent needs. The Benevolence Team will determine the applicant's financial need, whereby the applicant may qualify for repairs at a reduced rate and/or receive financial assistance for material expenses associated with the most pressing repairs. For more information please contact Tracy Bennett at tbennett@pccfw.org, or call 260.469.4444.

    Food Pantry
    Pathway has a year-round food pantry to provide food and toiletries to those in need. For more information please contact Tracy Bennett at tbennett@pccfw.org, or call 260.469.4444.
    To view or download Pathway's Food Request Form, click here.