• Meals & Visitation

    This ministry exists to provide support and care for Pathway Community Church attendees, not yet connected to a small group or Bible study, by making and delivering meals when there is a new baby, an illness, or a death in the family. If you would like to be on the list to make a meal, or know someone who needs assistance from the meals ministry, please email Tracy Bennett at tbennett@pccfw.org, or call 469-4444.

    Pathway Community Church's view of pastoral care shares the biblical 
approach. We meet the person with protection, (the word of God). 
We meet the person with direction, (God's promises and commands), 
and we meet the person with affection, (God's love and encouragement).
    ...bring good tidings to the afflicted
    ...build up the broken hearted
    ...proclaim liberty to captives and the opening up of prison to those
    ...who are bound.
    Isaiah 61:1