• Weddings

    We at Pathway want your wedding to be a special event. We are anxious to serve you and do our best to make it a day that will glorify God and celebrate your commitment to each other. Our marriage mentor program is required for couples intending to marry at Pathway. This program is in place to equip you as you commit yourself to one another before God.
    Scheduling a Wedding
    Contact Deb Parish at dparish@pccfw.org, or call 260.469.4444 to establish a date for your wedding. During this time Deb can discuss with you the fees pertaining to your wedding ceremony and assign a wedding coordinator to help you in the process of planning your wedding. Participating in the Mentoring Program is required when using a PCC pastor.
    Marriage Mentoring Program
    At least 3 months before your wedding, please contact Daphne at daustin@pccfw.org, or call 260.469.4444 in order to begin your marriage mentoring program, which is required for all Pathway marriages. Gordon will give you a brief summary of the mentoring program and all of the costs associated with the books and assessments. Once these assessments are complete, you will meet with your officiating pastor to review the assessments and the materials for the mentoring program. You will be matched with a mature married couple within the Pathway body who will mentor you and your future spouse. Here you can discuss issues, ask questions, and explore all the different areas associated with married life.
    $140 six months prior to wedding. (includes Prepare assessment, 3 books, and a mentor workbook)
    $100 non-refundable deposit (may be refundable if no damages or extra expenses are incurred) to reserve the building, plus $400 due one month prior to the wedding date.
    Building Rental Only
    Contact: Deb Parish at dparish@pccfw.org or 469-4444 ext. 208 if you would like to rent the building only. After the initial contact, all wedding information will be mailed to you within a week. The Wedding Reservation Form and the Wedding Deposit (non-refundable $200) must be turned in before the wedding is officially scheduled. The remaining balance of $800 will be due one month prior to the wedding.
    + Total cost $1000. A $200 non-refundable deposit must be turned in before the wedding date is officially scheduled.

    Gordon Knapp: regarding officiating pastor
, marriage mentoring program, assessments, books
. gknapp@pccfw.org
    Deb Parish: renting the building, wedding date, décor, costs, details of ceremony including church facility. dparish@pccfw.org
    Premarital Counseling: $140.00
    Members & Attendee's use of building: $500.00
    Non-members & non-attendees: $900.00 
    Honorarium: $100.00
    To view or download Pathway's Premarital Mentoring and Wedding packet, click here.