• MidTown

    Kids 3-5 years old enter an exciting new level of discovery as they travel through MidTown.
    The MidTown Theatre provides a special large group experience for 3, 4 & 5 year-olds. This is where kids can journey through the Bible as its stories come to life with drama, creative Bible teaching, and music. At The MidTown Theatre, kids discover the great adventure God's great love can be.
    Following our time in the MidTown Theatre, our small group leaders provide meaningful and interactive lessons that help kids explore Biblical truths. They do this through prayer, sharing, structured activity centers and creative games. This is also a time when small group leaders build deeper relationships with the kids.
    Each week for a whole month the same Bible verse is reinforced so that kids come to a greater understanding of who God is.
    Kids in MidTown will know:
    1. God made everything.
    2. God loves everyone.
    3. God is great.
    4. God wants me to obey.
    For more information about MidTown, email the KidCity team.