• Orphan Care


    Caring for Children Without Parents

    To respond to the mandate of caring for parentless children in our community, in our country and around the world.
    To create alliances with other churches, ministries and orphanages to support caring for the orphan.
    To amplify the voice of the orphan and create a deeper understanding of the biblical mandate to care for the orphan, and to provide tangible ways to carry out such a mandate.


    Pathway supports families in all stages of adoption:
    I’m interested in adoption. Where do I start?
    Loving Shepherd Ministries offers a completely free service to help your family prayerfully identify your unique needs and determine which adoption options offer the best match.
    LSM also can provide a list of ethical, experienced and financially stable agencies and home study providers matching your specific options that can help you move forward when you are ready.
    How much does adoption cost and how long does it take?
    Adoption costs and timelines can vary greatly depending what path you take. Timelines can vary from a few months to several years, with key factors including Country, Ethnicity, age of child, and special needs.
    Costs are usually spread out over time and there are many options available to help fund your adoption, including a matching grant offered for Pathway families.
    Are there any books or resources that you would recommend if I am considering adoption?
    Pathway has an extensive library of adoption related books that are available for checkout.  Some particularly good ones include Adopt Without Debt, The Connected Child and Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control.
    What type of support is available after adoption?
    Post-adoption support is important to help a new child and family connect. Many agencies offer some level of post-placement support and home visits. Pathway offers a post-adoptive parents’ support group, and can provide names of several counselors that specialize in adoption, attachment, and trauma recovery.